Why was Vision On so good?

Vision On

As a 70s teenager I was not an artist. Art held very little interest for me. So why did I watch Vision On?

Vision on was presented by a team of 3 but mostly by Tony Hart. Hart had a sort of kindly uncle persona, which didn’t really ring true with me. However the presenter was not the important part of this show. For art’s sake, it was, ll about making art! The presenter was a guide and an aid,useful and unobtrusive. The show was clearly a team project with many hours of painstaking work sometimes literally behind the scenes. Every aspect was considered and had to “fit” the aim of the show. From set design right down to the name of the band who played the gallery music. The Noveltones -simple and modern. In “The Gallery” they used a simple trellis to present viewers work, not always paintings . The music became emblematic of the programmes but was deliberately not dramatic and did not distract.

The team that made Vision On had a mission , a vision if you like which was to bring enjoyment of art to everyone. Their vision was inclusive and innovative  originally intended for hearing impaired children it was the first programme to use sign language. The title referred to a large sign used to indicate that cameras were recording ,most programmes also had a “Sound On ” sign, Vision On chose not to. Speech and text were kept to a minimum

Then there was Morph, a simple stop go animation, an eloquent plasticine everyman.

Well done to Tony Hart and team. I never became an artist but you took art out of it’s box and got me interested. Thanks for turning my vision on.