Dear TTIP,

5 things I hate about you.

1 I hate you because you are anti democratic, you want to take decisions away from elected politicians with all their flaws and have decisions made by unelected folk in the World Trade Organisation and the World Bank, ECB and so on become binding. You want decisions about our lives taken in the boardrooms and not the parliaments.

2 I hate you because you are dodgy deal done in secret, you dont want the general public to know about you.You dont allow submissions or evidence from trade unions or community groups or professional bodies like the bma.

3 I hate you because you wreck jobs and drive wages and conditions down.According to the german institute of economic research The evidence show that there is an initial loss of jobs when trade agreements like TTIP come into effect and then later the jobs come back with lower wages and poorer conditions of employment. TTIP is expected to eventually create or recreate 180,000 jobs across the whole of EU.There are currently 41.5 million jobs in Germany alone

4 I hate you because you are going to bring in weaker regulatory authorities in the American style and we all know UK industries which need to have weaker regulations like electricity companies or big banks

5 And finally TTIP I hate you because of Philip Morris. BigPhil isnt a man, he’s a multinational tobacco company and his asian arm ( I told you he was big) is suing Australia under their version of TTIP for billions of pounds because the Australian govt brought in a law that cigarettes must be sold in pain packs. Big Phil said this destroyed his trademarks, his intellectual property and is suing the Australian govt for billiions in the International Court of Arbitration. Australia is also defending itself in 3 other countries Honduras,Dominican Republic and Ukraine and in a case brought against it by the World Trade Organisation. The world trade organisation defending big tobaccos right to influence a country’s health policy.

Thank you but no thanks,