The rise of individualism (& the slow death of society?)

Common Weal Fife


We had our first Common Weal Fife book group on Facebook on Wednesday (you can find the various discussions here) and the discussion got me thinking…

One of the many issues that were raised was the increasingly individualised nature of our ‘society’ (if there is such a thing, Maggie!). Where once there was collective action, trade unions, church groups and we’d all know our neighbours, now we drift through life with fewer connections, moving jobs and homes much more frequently than in the past and less likely to make those bonds which underpin a sense of community.

A major impact of all of this is that we are finding it more difficult to see the structural factors which still shape our lives. In the last blog, Mary Herdman touched on the issue of our food. With obesity ever on the rise amongst the lower and middle-income members of…

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